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the barriers
to real news.

Zette is a browser extension that allows you to access premium online content behind article paywalls.

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Here's how Zette works.

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Step 1: Download Zette.

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Download the Zette browser extension, create an account, and pin Zette to your browser.

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Step 2: Browse the news.

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Browse the news as you normally would, until you hit any paywalled article from one of our publisher partners.

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Step 3: Unlock premium content.

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Zette will pop up automatically, giving you the option to unlock the article by spending a credit.



People love us

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Image of Michael. The person who gave the testimonial.
VC @ M12
"Zette is one of the most seamless products to access and read high-quality content online while browsing."
Image of Andrew. The person who gave the second testimonial.
Founder & CEO @ DayOne
"Zette works like magic. While I love reading the Financial Times, WSJ and The Economist, I can’t justify subscribing to all these different outlets. With Zette, I can access all the content I want without paywalls!"
Image of William. The person who gave the third testimonial.
Associate @ Point72
“Zette is a really novel extension that solves an age-old problem with online news: breaking through the paywalls. For any avid reader, it’s really a must-have that simplifies it all to a single click.”
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Don't get tied to one publisher

Zette gives you access to multiple publishers without demanding the price of multiple publishers. Affordable, versatile content at your fingertips.

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